We are one the leading suppliers of metal and plastic caps for carbonated and juices; supplying throughout Pakistan to the beverage industries.

Metal Smart Crown 0.2MM – 0.23MM

This modern crown cap can easily substitute the traditional ones (0.24MM in thickness) thanks to its complete compatibility and interchangeability. The advantage lies in the fact that the metal of this cap is reduced in thickness, there are less raw materials and packaging used and optimized logistics. With this new crown it will be possible to considerably reduce environmental impact, not only due to the reduced amount of material used, but also because of the reduced waste and emissions per piece. These benefits add to the advantages obtained in production and logistics (less energy consumption and increased number of pieced delivered).

  • Designed to substitute standard crown caps with a lighter and cheaper version.
  • Same performance, same possibilities of offset print decoration. Reduction in thickness of metal used.
  • Reduced environmental impact (reduction in consumption of raw materials and CO2 emissions).
  • PVC-free liners, in different colors.
  • Suitable for both with external and internal lithographic.

Metal Crown Cork 0.24MM

The perfect cap for every bottle. The ICC crowns caps represent the ideal solution to close glass bottles containing every type of beverage (water, beer, wine or soft drinks). They are available in the traditional pry-off versions (bottle opener needed) and guarantee maximum seal pressure and the best air tightness for a wide range of beverages, be they sparkling or still. They can be decorated with color offset printing both internally and externally on the basis of the specific needs of the client and it is possible also to have contest and promotion versions.

  • Available in (TFS) plate.
  • PVC-free liners, in different colors.
  • Available in Pry-Off.
  • Available with printed both externally and internally.

Plastic Caps 28MM
PCO1810 – Two Piece

ICC is producing 28MM plastic closures for PET bottles. Our closures ensure the best air tightness and CO2 retention for carbonated beverages. These caps are organoleptically neutral, and hence suitable for carbonated soft drinks. ICC plastic caps are subject to strict quality controls and are manufactured with raw materials in conformity with the major international regulations for materials for contact with food.

  • This is two piece closure with single lip liner sealing suitable for carbonated beverages.
  • Color printing on the top of the closure for decoration as per Art work.

Plastic Caps 28MM
PCO1881 – Single Piece

In keeping with the requirements of the international brands, ICC also manufactures PCO1881 – Single Piece to cover the remaining array in the line of bottle cap making. It is experienced with decade’s of research and development. These plastic caps are suitable for carbonated beverages and have dominated the market 2016 and increased diversification in product portfolio.

  • PCO 1881 CSD is a short neck PC finish with three point sealing designed for the Carbonated Beverages Market.
  • Color printing on the top of the closure for decoration as per Art work.
  • Suitable for Carbonated Beverages for High CO2 retention.
  • Reduced environmental impact (by using short height cap with less raw materials and packaging used & optimized logistics)

Plastic Caps 28MM
PCO1881 – Two Piece

ICC also manufacturers PCO1881 with liner inside called two piece cap. The dimensions are slightly different than PCO1810 as its height is slightly smaller and is cost-effective.

  • This is two piece closure with double lip liner sealing suitable for carbonated beverages.
  • Color printing on the top of the closure for decoration as per Art work.
  • Suitable for Carbonated Beverages for High CO2 retention.

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